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Meet New People

Meet New People

Say goodbye to boredom and embrace the ease of forming genuine connections while strolling through beautiful routes.

The Problem

In the bustling streets of London, it's easy to feel disconnected and overwhelmed.

I asked 100 Londoners how they meet new people and their responses were surprisingly predictable – pubs, bars, and clubs. But what if there was a more natural way to connect with like-minded souls?

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The Solution

That's where Just Walk comes in. My solo mission is to bridge the gap between virtual interactions and genuine human connections. I believe that walking is not just about reaching a destination but about the journey itself – the conversations, laughter and camaraderie that bloom along the way.

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The Logistics

As a Londoner, you will gain access to a dedicated chat where you can connect with fellow Londoners. It'll be as simple as saying:

"Hi, who wants to meet up for a walk in Hyde Park today at 6pm?"

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The Goal

My aim is to onboard 100,000 walkers in London who are excited to be part of the beta program and help me refine and shape the Just Walk experience.

The Early Birds

Avoiding an empty chat and distant participants is paramount. For this reason, I've opted to initiate the beta program as soon as I gather a community of 1000 eager participants in London.

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The Social Impact

Meal Distribution

By walking and being social, you'll be taking steps towards a more caring and connected community - nourishing souls one meal at a time.

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Every person deserves a chance to start anew, feeling clean, valued, and respected. Your steps will help to transform lives.


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